A Chance Encounter

*It happened purely by chance, my meeting Ellie, a happy accident it you will. Our relationship started innocently enough, as friends. She was quick to become my best friend. Over time, my feelings for Ellie began to get stronger, I had fallen in love with her. It was no big secret that I liked women just as much as I liked men, if not a little more, but Ellie had never been with a woman before. And that in itself brought me to conflict. I wanted to tell Ellie how I felt but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. So for the sake of keeping Ellie in my life, I decided it best to keep it to myself.

*I was running around my apartment gathering things up for our trip to the beach when Ellie showed up at my apartment. She came in, grabbed a bottled water from the kitchen and plopped down on the couch like she always does. I went to sit beside her and she smiled at me. I noticed that for whatever reason Ellie seemed a little nervous and distant, so I asked her what was wrong. She gave me that cute crooked smile, “I need to tell you something” she said. I raised my brow curiously, “Okay?” She sighed heavily and said, “I’ve fallen for someone and I don’t know what to do about it, nothing like this has ever happened before.” My heart dropped, she had found someone. I stammered and choked on my words, “Well I,..I guess that you should tell the person how you feel or you may end up missing your chance.” My heart ached with every word that I said, I should have told her, and instead I had missed my chance.

*We sat silent for a moment and then Ellie spoke again, “You’re right, I do need to tell them.” She hesitated and went on, “I have fallen for you, I don’t know how, but..I love you.” I sat there completely dumbfounded and speechless. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. When I was over my initial shock I began to tell her about my feelings for her. As she listened to me a smile formed on her full lips. When I had finished talking she was quiet but then suddenly she grabbed me and pulled me to her, her full, soft lips felt amazing against mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her onto my lap. I kissed her hard and with a deep passion. I pulled her top off and dropped it to the floor. I wanted her, there was no doubt about that. I moved to lay her back on the couch and I slipped her shorts off. I parted her knees gently and began kissing her legs, moving slowly up to her inner thigh. I continued up and placed several soft kisses just above her sweet flower. My hands explored every curve of her body, she moaned softly and I moved to press my lips against hers. She began pulling at my clothes and soon I was naked, too.

*I crawled off of the couch and pulled her legs around so that she was sitting on the edge. I bent my head to her sweet pussy and started to kiss and lick her. I flicked my tongue over her clitoris and she clawed at the couch. She arched her back and groaned loudly. I moved my hands up to cup her breasts and I gently tugged and teased at her erect nipples. She pushed me away and then told me to lay on the couch. I did as she asked and she straddled and lowered herself over my face bending forward. She licked over my folds and slipped her tongue inside. I moaned loudly, Ellie began rocking her hips faster, I started bucking and rolling my hips as well. Both of us exploded into orgasm together.

*Ellie rolled off of me and came to lay next to me. Breathless, we both lay there utterly spent. She chuckled, “My gosh that was amazing!” I smiled and kissed her forehead, “I’m glad you enjoyed that, and I am very glad that you came honest with your crush.” I pulled her to me and kissed her, she was finally mine.


Raedon Carter



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