A Spring Day

*It was a clear, bright and beautiful spring day. A soft warm breeze was blowing and occasionally it carried the sweet scent of freshly bloomed flowers. The once bare trees were now alive and vibrant, full with bright green leaves. Birds fluttered about, each one singing it’s own unique song. Squirrels and chipmunks cautiously left their nests to find food and then quickly scuttled back into the holes in which they had emerged. The world had been awakened from it’s winter nap and was now alive and filled color and life. This was the kind of day that had people out mowing their lawns, or working in their gardens. It was the kind of day that made me decide to take a walk. And it was a day that I wouldn’t soon forget.

*I walked down the street smiling and waving at people as I passed them. A few times I stopped to interact with neighbors that I knew well, and then I would go on my way. I had walked about a mile or a little more when something caught my eye. I noticed a man mowing his lawn. Normally this wouldn’t have stopped me, but, I didn’t know this man. And the fact that he was mowing in nothing but shorts made it hard to not notice him. He was a tall, statuesque man. His skin was bronzed and it glistened from the small beads of sweat that formed on him. He was.., beautiful. Immediately my mind went to thoughts of what it would be like to be ravaged by such a man and a twinge of hopeful excitement shot through me like an electric charge. I could hardly control myself, and without really realizing I was doing it, I started towards the man.

*By this time his back was to me, so he didn’t know that I was approaching him. I stopped a mere two feet from him and inhaled deeply. I took a step and reached out, placing my hand on his broad, bronze shoulder. In an instant the roar of the lawn mower had ceased and the man spun around on his heels and now stood facing me. He peered down at me through large, dark brown eyes. From a distance I hadn’t been able to see just how ruggedly handsome his features were, but now they were as plain as day. I smiled up at him. He regarded me with curiousity. I reached up and gently took his face in my hands and pulled him into a kiss. His lips were soft, and to my surprise he kissed me back. While still engaged in the deep kiss, I slid my hand down his chest, over his stomach and I gently rubbed his cock through his shorts. The man groaned and gently pushed his hips against my hand.

*I pulled away from him and stared up into his eyes. From the corner of my eye I saw movement so I turned in that direction. I was only a little surprised to see a familiar face there. Ray had followed me. He was watching me give myself so readily to this stranger. I was contemplating all the things that could happen at this point when another movement caught my eye. A woman standing in the sliding glass door of her balcony staring wide eyed at myself and the man. And as itf Ray knew what I wanted he then went to the woman and restrained her, holding her arms behind her back, making her watch. I smiled at this, my excitement burning by this point. I took the man by the hand and turned him so that he too could watch what was happening inside the house. He tried to go to his wife’s aid but as I knew I could, I made him forget her when I once again grabbed his large, now throbbing cock in my hand.

*I kept my gaze fixed on Ray and the now captive woman and as if by reading my mind, Ray began to run his hands over the womans body. His hand moved to cup her breast and I saw him pinch her nipple between his thumb and finger. His hand then swiftly moved down her body and to her pussy, I watched him as he just gently rubbed over her cotton dress. Ray knew that I loved to watch him have his way with women, to take them as he wished. It turned me on so much. I turned my attention back to the man and smiled, his focus still on his wife and the man that had her captive. I hooked my fingers in the band of his shorts and shoved them down exposing his cock. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips over the head of his massive rod. I sucked him fully into my mouth and my tongue flicked over him in rapid succession. I then relaxed my throat and took him as deep as I could. I gagged a little bit and tears welled in my eyes but I continued. The man groaned loudly and bucked his hips harder, forcing himself deeper.

*I stood and removed my clothes and then I settled on the ground and laid back, I smiled up at him as I began to rub my clitoris with one hand while the other hand pinched and tugged at my nipple. I bit my bottom lip and slid a finger deep inside my pussy. My tight velvet walls contracted around my finger and I moaned softly. The man dropped to his knees and bent his head to my now very wet pussy, his tongue lightly flicked over my love button and then it slid between my puffy pink folds and deep inside my hot tunnel. My breath caught and I looked up. I saw that Ray had the woman by her hair and had forced her to her knees. His cock was deep in her mouth and I could tell that she was gagging. I wondered if she had been sobbing, I had hoped she was. The thought of her sucking Ray’s cock by force was nearly enough to push me over the edge but I controlled myself.

*I grabbed a handful of the mans hair and pulled his face to mine, and I kissed him, tasting my pussy on his lips. I stood up and the man did as well. I took his hand and lead him to the sliding glass door where his wife was being used by another man. I didn’t open the door, rather I leaned against it and pushed my ass towards the man rubbing it on his stiff and throbbing cock. Now that I was closer I could see that the woman was indeed crying. But that didn’t matter, she was helpless and that is what I wanted. I turned to look at the man over my shoulder, “Fuck me, fuck me while he fucks your wife, watch him take your wife’s sweet pussy.” The man glared at me but did as I told him. He stepped behind me and with great force shoved his rod deep inside of my trembling pussy. I looked in at Ray, he pushed the woman over the table, grabbed her hair and jerked her head back giving me a clear view of her tear stained face right before he shoved into her.

*The man grabbed my hips and pushed into me with extreme force. My arms could barely keep my head from hitting the glass each time he thrust into me. I watched excitedly as Ray fucked the captive woman with the same kind of force. Her eyes were closed tight and her whimpers sounded through the glass. Her cries excited me beyond all imagination. Fuck how I enjoyed him fucking her like this. The man behind me pumped a few more times and I felt his body tense, I knew that he was ready to cum so I shoved him away from me. I turned to face him and smiled, “On your knees!” I demanded. The man with a pained looked on his face fell to his knees before me. I raised my leg and put it on his shoulder and peered down at him, “Beg me to fill this pussy!” The man gazed past me and in at his beautifully fucked wife. He then looked up at me, his eyes now darker than they had been before, “Please” he said, “Let me fill your pussy.” I laughed at him, “That’s not very convincing” I said. He lowered his head and tried to stroke his own cock. I could see now that he was in clear pain and needed to cum, but I didn’t allow it. He then looked up at me, “Let me fuck that sweet pussy, I need to fill you with my hot seed!” I was then satisfied and allowed him to put his cock back inside my hot pussy. He shoved into me with such force that I could feel it deep in my belly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and he gripped me tightly and raised me up before slamming me back down onto his aching cock. He repeated this a few times before he finally growled and his entire body spasmed. Feeling the intensity of his orgasm instantly sent me spiraling into my own. I cried out in pleasure, my heart was racing. I looked in the door and saw that Ray had the woman on her knees again, her mouth wide open, tears streaming down her lovely face.. and suddenly, he found his own release. Filling her beautiful mouth with his hot, sticky seed.


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