*I was working as a dancer at a club called ‘Classy Cats’ when I met Christine. She had come in with a private party and I was one of two dancers selected to entertain their group. I remember the first time I saw her, she was absolutely stunning. She had long red hair that cascaded down her back, she had ivory skin that nearly glowed under the lights. A true vision. All the time I was dancing for their group, I kept having to remind myself to look away from her. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t keep from looking at her.

*Christine and her group stayed until the club had closed and eventually thinned out, one by one. Christine however, was the last one to leave, which was perfect because this was an opportunity for me to talk to her. I walked over to her and smiled, “Hi there, I uh,..I couldn’t help but notice you in there, actually I’m sure you caught me staring a few times.” A smile formed on the corners of her mouth and she nodded, “Yea, I saw that. I was pretty drawn in by you too.” I walked out of the building with her and we stood by her car for a few minutes just chatting. Before we parted ways, we exchanged phone numbers and I told her that I hoped to see her again soon.

*About a week went by and I hadn’t heard from her, and then out of the blue I got a text message. “Hey, do you work tonight?” I immediately felt excitement building in me and I grabbed my phone and sent her a message back, “Hi there! No, tonight is my night off.” I waited for what seemed like ages and then my phone went off again. It was her asking if I’d like to go out with her. I was completely floored, and I stood dumb-founded for a few minutes before answering back and accepting her invitation. We exchanged a few more texts and agreed to meet up for dinner. I was so excited and nervous, I absolutely could not wait to see Christine again.

*After dinner Christine and I decided to take a walk. We walked side by side, talking and laughing. I was taken by surprise when she slipped her small hand into mine. I stopped and turned to look at her, I was lost in her eyes again and I leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were soft and sweet, and I wanted more of her. I told her that my apartment was only a few blocks from where we were if she wanted to come with me. Again I was surprised that she had accepted. We walked the short distance to my apartment, I slid the key in the lock and opened the door. I stepped inside and flipped on the light.

*Christine wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me with a fury I had never seen or felt before. Like something wild in her just broke free. While I kissed her back I took small steps guiding her to my bedroom. I pushed through the door and helped her out of her small top. We undressed one another as we kissed and then I gently laid her back on the bed. I slowly kissed down her soft body. I wanted her, every part of her and I planned to take it. But she was also very willing to give. We fell into one anothers embrace and made love for hours before we collapsed from pure exhaustion. We lay in one anothers arms, our breathing hard and erratic, and I whispered, “I’m so glad you called.” Christine turned and kissed me, “I am too.”


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