A Day At The Beach

*It was 8:30 in the morning and already pushing 90 degrees. Today was going to be a scorcher according to the weather man, and he was right! By 10:00 it had gone past unbearable. I had the day off and decided what better place to spend it then at the beach. I knew that on a day like today it would be crowded, so I quickly changed into my bikini and slipped some shorts and a tank top over it. I packed up my bag and headed out the door.

*I got to the beach at about noon and wasn’t at all surprised to see tons of people swarming. Luckily I knew of a nice little secluded spot at the far end of the beach where the sand turned into grass. A spot that was housed by a small but thick patch of trees. I just hoped that no one else had discovered it! I grabbed my bag and walked quickly down the beach.

*I pushed my way through the thick patch of trees and sighed, relieved to see that no one else had found my little secret. I pulled a blanket from my bag and spread it out on the ground. What a perfect day for this. I looked around making sure I was alone before I slipped out of my clothes. Standing completely naked I settled onto my blanket and got comfortable.

*I lay back on the blanket and closed my eyes as I started to relax. I was drifting off when suddenly I heard a twig snap. Startled I bolted up-right and looked around frantic. My eyes scanned the area around me but I saw nothing. I laid back but kept my eyes open. I turned my head to the left and slowly moved my eyes. I still saw nothing. After a few minutes I turned my head to the right and scanned the area. At first I didn’t see anything but then I caught a small movement behind the bushes. It was a man! A man was there and he was watching me!

*Even though I was surprised and somewhat angry, I didn’t let on that I knew he was there. I stayed perfectly still, watching him through my heavily tinted sunglasses. I started to feel strangely erotic with this man watching me…what in the world was I thinking?!…and then I started to wonder just how far this man would watch me go.

*I drew my right leg up and slid my hand over my silky thigh. Oh my goodness this was so hot. I bit my bottom lip and let my hand move between my legs. My fingers played lightly over my bare mound parting the lips of my flower I began to slowly tease at my clit. My mouth fell agape and I moaned softly. My back arched high thrusting my breasts upwards. My eyes fell closed as I pleasured myself there on the blanket. When I opened them again I looked at the man, what is he…oh my gracious! He was masturbating right there behind the bushes!

*I sat up quickly and pulled my sunglasses off, my gaze still fixed on him. When he noticed that I could see him he quickly moved his hand out of his pants, turned as though he were going to run away. I called out to him, “Hey!..Don’t go.” The man looked at me with a confused look on his face and then his lips curled into a large grin. I watched him carefully as he stepped out of the bushes and made his way towards me. Without a word I extended my arm and took his hand. I pulled him down to the blanket with me and pressed my lips to his. He was really a very stunning man and I wanted him. I pulled him onto me, his body was hard and firm and he felt amazing pressed against me. I opened my legs wrapping them around his waist and pulled him into me. I gasped and reached up to pull his head to mine, our lips met and our tongues began searching and probing. The man thrust into me harder, his hips bucking wildly, he bent his head to my breasts and sucked a nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicked over it rapidly before gently nibbling on it.

*The man thrust into me a final time before he groaned loudly and his body went rigid. My body reacted instantly and I came. The man collapsed on top of me, his breath was heavy and ragged. He gazed down at me and smiled, “My name is Dylan.” I smiled up at him, “It’s nice to meet you.” And then, I felt him harden against my leg again….


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